Tuesday June 19, 2018
Smith Apprentice
By : Jilin  
Current Version : 1.1

With this mod, you can forge weapon and armor in 4 different quality, success is armorer skill based
( this skill description is according to this )

The different quality :
- basis quality, the same as morrowind.esm
- low quality : weight +10%, value, enchant and state/health -10%
- good quality : weight -10%, value, enchant and state/health +10%
- exceptionnel quality : weight -25%, value, enchant and state/health +25% and, for weapon, speed +0.05

ID change but are not the name to forge you must learn the correpondant tech, and have some materials.
There is a few quest to persuade mentor to teach you the tech, but it's basis.
Some materials must be change to allow you to forge, raw ebony and scrap metal to change this, have the tech and find a forge
( original forge of morrowind have been changed to activator to support a script )

With this mod, you can forge steel, iron, silver, dwemer, ebony, chitin, glass, and dreugh there's more extra stuff like dwemer katana, dwemer gauntlet right, ebony warhammer, and complete dreugh armor ( thanks to gatlock )

All credits and informations are in the readme

Special thanks to : Armorer mod team, Indestructible, for graphical ressources Virgo & gatlock, for helping me & contributions Gilbertus, Gilles_k & lord mortim for helping me too wiwi, for his forum and hosting ( & khalazza too )
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