Tuesday June 19, 2018
Multi Races Faces Pack
By : Zuldazug  
Current Version : 1.0

This Plugin add 51 new Faces for many different races.

This plugin won't replace npc, it's for player characters and modding uses.
7 females Dunmers, 2 men Bretons, and 2 Bosmers of each :

10 men Imperials and 2 women :

2 Khajiits of each, 3 men Orcs and 7 females Orcs :

And 12 men redguards :

Almost all this faces were made on rhedd's meshes, the redguard on the top line are made on arathrax & gorg's meshes as the female orcs. The orcs men are made on IronF & Rhedd's meshes. And the khajiits were made on Bethesda's meshes.
Big thanks to all of them ;)

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