Tuesday June 19, 2018
Trees Replacement
By : ZeroTheHero  
Current Version : 0.2

This version is a beta so it could contain some errors.
No seasonal change for this version. This plugin changes a lot af cell references (trees and fungus) so make a backup copy of your save game.

Changes Trees from the Bitter Coast Region and it replaces many trees of Ascadian Region with Ayse-Lady Eternity's trees (with animating leaves) and Draku's trees.
Also it contains on a folder "Ntrees" all trees avalaible by Morrowind Community.
Very big thanks to this great modders: AYSE, LADY ETERNITY, DRAKUS, BRILLO, JDOOBY FOR THIS GREAT TREES.
You can use this esp as you want with a little permission.
My work was only on the esp.
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